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NRC Assam Result 2018 Check Online — You may familiar with website, Where you can check Part Draft NRC Assam 1st list which was Assam Government has announced on 31st December 2017 Midnight and you can easily find it on this website. In the first part of Draft NRC, almost 50% of the citizen is unable to find their name in the First Part of Draft NRC list and they are waiting for NRC 2nd Draft list.


Don’t get panic If your result is showing as ARN IS PENDING FOR VERIFICATION or Member ID 1,2,3 INCLUDED. MEMBER ID 4, 5 PENDING FOR VERIFICATION, this only means that verification for these Member IDs is currently in progress. And once the verification is complete, if found eligible, the names of these members shall be included in the Complete Draft or NRC 2nd list.

আপোনাৰ নামটো আংশিক খচৰা NRCত বিচাৰি নাপালে আপোনাৰ আবেদনপত্ৰ নাকচ হোৱা বুলি ধৰি নল’ব । আপোনাৰ আবেদনৰ পৰীক্ষণ চলি আছে আৰু আপোনাৰ নাম যোগ্যতাৰ ভিত্তিত পৰৱৰ্ত্তী সময়ত প্ৰকাশৰ তাৰিখ ঘোষনা কৰি প্ৰকাশ হ’বলগীয়া সম্পূৰ্ণ খচৰা NRCত অন্তৰ্ভুক্তিৰ বাবে বিবেচনা কৰা হ’ব। । এতিয়া কোনো ধৰণৰ অতিৰিক্ত নথি পত্ৰ সংগ্ৰহ কৰাৰ আৰু NRC কৰ্ত্তৃপক্ষৰ লগত যোগাযোগ কৰাৰ প্ৰয়োজন নাই।

NRC Assam Contents

As you all know is the best website to check your name in Part publication in Draft NRC Assam using ARN (Application Receipt Number). You can also check alternative website,,,,,,,,

How to Check NRC Assam Result 2018 from

The process to Check your Name in NRC Assam is given below

Step -1 : Log on to

Step – 2: Now Enter Application Receipt Number and Captcha  Code

How to Check NRC List

Step – 3: Click on Search. Your name will appear here

As I mention earlier In case your name did not appear in the Part Draft NRC list, please do not panic. This is only a Partial Draft. That is why it is called Part Draft NRC. Please do not presume that your Application form is rejected. Your verification is still in progress and your name shall be included in the Complete Draft NRC, if found eligible.


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