NRC Assam Claims Hearing Schedule Portal (Claims Hearing Request)

NRC Assam Claims Hearing: Hello Everyone Welcome to this Blog. Here is another Update from NRC Assam which was published on 4th July. As you guys all know that NRC additional Draft Exclusive list was published on 26th June 2019. This Additional Draft Exclusive list will contain names only of those persons who figured in the Complete Draft NRC published on 30th July 2018 but are subsequently found ineligible for inclusion on account of being. Here you can check more details about it.

NRC Assam Claims Hearing request by claimants who have not yet received the hearing notice. Claims submitted by persons whose names were excluded from the Complete Draft NRC published on 30th July 2018 or those enlisted in Additional Draft Exclusion list published on 26th June 2019, are being disposed of through hearings.

NRC Assam Claims Hearing Schedule Portal

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What if you have submitted Claim and your hearing is not yet scheduled?

Those persons Who have submitted Claims but have not yet received any notice for appearing in a hearing conducted for Claims disposal need to:

  • Visit the NRC website and check the link – “CLAIMS HEARING SCHEDULE PORTAL“.
  • Check if your hearing scheduled i.e. your ARN and Member ID is mentioned with a hearing date

If your hearing has not been scheduled yet in the CLAIMS HEARING SCHEDULE PORTAL, i.e. no date of hearing is showing for your ARN/ some member of your ARN, you can place a request for scheduling a hearing for your ANN/ members not yet called for hearing by clicking the link – “CLAIMS HEARING REQUEST PORTAL” in the NRC website. The following details will be required to be provided by the public –

  • ARN Number
  • Member ID
  • Name Of the Claimant(s)
  • Contact Number
  • As a proof Of Claim submission, you have to upload the Claim Acknowledgement Receipt (in JPG/PNG/PDF format) given at the time of Claim submission at your designated NSK.

This facility will be available only for such persons Who have submitted Claims up to December 2018 and whose names appeared in Additional Draft Exclusion List and hearing has not yet been scheduled by NRC authorities

The above facility will be available from 5″ July 2019 to 11th 2019.

All such Claims Will be disposed before the publication of Final NRC on 31″ July 2019. The State Coordinator, NRC,


NRC Assam Claims Hearing

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