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Aaddnl.nrcdrafts.com, https://addnl.nrcdrafts.com, NRC Additional Draft Exclusion List, Additional Draft NRC List: The office of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) has published an additional draft list on 26th June 2019 at 10:00 AM. As we all know, the government is updating the NRC Process, Complete Draft NRC has published on 30 July 2018 and Now, before publishing the Final NRC, the NRC officials has published an additional exclusion list to draft NRC so that excluded person can get another opportunity to file their Claims.

The applicant can Check NRC Additional Draft Exclusion List by ARN (Application Receipt Number) on NRC website www.nrcassam.nic.in or https://addnl.nrcdrafts.com. So, Hurry Up! Follow below steps to Check NRC Additional Exclusion List 2020.

NRC Additional Draft Exclusion List

NRC Assam Contents

Additional Draft NRC Exclusion List

In this Context, Please note that the additional Draft Exclusive list will not contain the result of hearings for Claims and Objections held during the period 15th February 2019 to 26th June 2019. The Results of those Hearings will be published only in the Final NRC to be Published on 31st July 2019. This Additional Draft Exclusive list will contain names only of those persons who figured in the Complete Draft NRC published on 30th July 2018 but are subsequently found ineligible for inclusion on account of being

1] Ineligible found during verification carried out under Clause 4(3) of the Schedule due to any reason including DV (Doubtful Voter) or DF (Declared Foreigner) or PFT (Persons with cases pending at foreigners tribunals) or their descendants, as applicable, discovered after publication of Draft NRC.

2] Ineligible found while appearing as a witness in hearings held for disposal of claims & Objections.


How to Check Additional Draft NRC Exclusion List @ Aaddnl.nrcdrafts.com?

  • First of All, You Need Visit NRC website www.nrcassam.nic.in


  • It will redirect you to Additional Draft Exclusion viewing link.
  • Now Enter Your ARN Number and Fill Captcha and Finally Click on Search

ARN Based Search Additional Draft NRC Exclusion List Aaddnl.nrcdrafts.com

Those persons whose Draft Status will change to the exclusion by additional list will be highlighted therein as “Excluded in Additional List” (Starting 10:00 AM on 26th June 2019). Those persons already included in Draft NRC published on 30th July 2018 and not getting affected by additional list will continue to be displayed as before.


What if one finds his/her name enlisted in the additional list (exclusions) under Clause5?

Those persons who will be excluded will be informed individually through Letters of information (LOI) to be delivered at their residential addresses. Such persons will have the opportunity to file their claims which will be disposed of through a hearing by a disposing officer. The Submission of Claims and disposal by disposing of officer will happen together. LOI will mention the details of the venue of the hearing and submission of the claim. All such claims will be disposed of thereafter before the publication of Final NRC on 31st July 2019.

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ARN Based Search Additional Draft NRC Exclusion List @ Aaddnl.nrcdrafts.com

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