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What is NRC (National Register of Citizens)?Nrcassam

NRC Assam, The National Register of Citizens (NRC) is the register containing details of all Indian citizens. After conducting the Census of 1951, the National Register of Citizens (NRC) was prepared by recording particulars of all the persons enumerated during the 1951 Census. NRC Assam Updating process is going on

এন আৰ চি New Updates — NRC Assam Result

NRC Assam Update 14th September 2023

Results for all NRC applicants as per Draft NRC & Supplementary List of Inclusions and Exclusions (Final NRC)” 

Update 27th August 2019

Final NRC Result Links will be available on NRC website from 31st August 2019 titled “Supplementary list of inclusions/ Exclusions status (Final NRC)” (Read more)

Update 4th July 2019

NRC Assam Claims Hearing request by claimants who have not yet received hearing nitice. (Read More)

Update 25th June 2019

Additional Draft NRC Exclusive list will be published at 10 AM on 26th June 2019. But it does not contain the result of hearings for Claims and Objections held during the period 15th February 2019 to 26th June 2019. The Results of those Hearings will be published only in the Final NRC to be Published on 31st July 2019 ⇒ Check the Additional Draft NRC list here 

Update 13th February 2019

An important announcement on Claims and Objections: The process of Hearing of Claims will start across the state from 15th February 2019.

(Visit here for NRC Hearing)

Update 31st January 2019

The process of Online Correction is extended up to 28 February 2019. Offline Correction at NSKs is closed on 31st January 2019. 


Update 1st January 2019

Services for online correction of spellings of names and other particulars appearing in Draft NRC will be started from 10 AM of 02/01/19. [More Info]

Update 12th December 2018

Last Date of Receipt of Claims and Objections is Extended upto 31st December 2018.

]Download Claims and Objection Forms

Update 17th November 2018

NRC Correction Forms are now available for making corrections in the spelling of names, address and other particulars as published in Draft NRC. An online facility for making such Corrections will also be made available soon.

Update 7th November 2018

Legacy Data Search Portal is LIVE NOW! Visit here for more details

Update 3 November 2018

The Last Date of Receipt of Claims and Objections is Extended Upto 15th December 2018, and all of 15 List A Documents as Submitted Earlier shall be Accepted for Filing Claims.

Update 22th September 2018

The process of filing claims and objections for inclusion in NRC will begin on September 25. It will remain open, tentatively, for a period of 60 days effective from 25th Sept to 23rd Nov 2018.

Update 20th August 2018

Forms for claims and objections are now available for the public at the www.nrcassam.nic.in website.

Latest Update

Ways to check your name in Complete Draft NRC.Visit here

Latest Update

As per Hon’ble Supreme Court’s Order dated 02/07/2018, the Complete Draft NRC will be published on 30th July 2018.

Update June 2018 → The Complete Draft NRC will be published shortly as per timeline stipulated by Hon’ble Supreme Court.

Complete Draft NRC Important Updates

Update 5th April 2017

Now you can check if Family Tree Hearing or Gaon Panchayat/Lot Mandal/Circle Officer Hearing is required against your ARN @ www.nrcassamhearing.in Read more

Update 12th March 2017

llink to check status in Part Draft NRC LIVE again. You can visit the following link to check your status in the Part Draft – http://nrcdraft.in/NRCDraft/Draft.htm

Update 17th February 2018

NRC Family Tree Verification, scheduled to start from 17th of February across Assam. This cross-verification will help Assam to make an error-free NRC.

Update 10th February 2018

NRC Second Draft List → NRC Assam 2nd Draft NRC List will update very soon and সেই বিষয়ে আপোনালোকক আগতীয়াকৈ জনোৱা হ’ব।.

Update 5th February 2018

Online links to check your inclusion of name in the Part Draft NRC which is available in Official NRC website – www.nrcassam.nic.in will be disabled.

Update 6th January 2018

On 31st December 2017 NRC Assam has release just a part of Draft NRC list Assam. Another Draft NRC shall be published subsequently after completion of verification of the rest of the applicants, which shall be the complete publication of Draft NRC Assam . Date of complete publication of Draft NRC will be notified Separately. After Successfully completing all the process, Assan NRC Final list will be publish Soon.

Update 1st January 2018

The government of Assam, Office of the State Coordinator of National Registration (NRC), Assam has declared the first part publication of Draft NRC list on Monday 1st January 2018. NRC Assam has announced 5 Official way to Check your Name in the Draft NRC list of Assam.

NRC Assam Time Schedule

Legacy Data Publication √
The publication of Legacy Data was started in the month of February 2015. It was published on the official site of NRC which is www.nrcassam.nic.in. On that very website, you can find the Legacy data of the people of Assam.
Application from Distribution Schedule √
In May 2015 door to door-to-door distribution of the Application Form was started. Each and every household received their application form without any effort, Which made the reception of the Application form so easy.
Application from Receipt Schedule √
individuals were able to submit their application form online if they wished to. That means people with internet facility was able to avoid queues in the submission centers. On the other hand, there was an offline process of submission of NRC Application from. In this choice, people have to fill the application form and provide all the supporting documents and submit it to the nearest reception center.
Verification Process - Ongoing
The main process that took a long time throughout the NRC Publication process was the Verification Process. In this process, each and every individual was neatly verified by the officials, and those people who have submitted their NRC Application Form incompletely were offered a 2nd chance to provide them to clear the process. The verification process took almost 3 years to complete.
Part Publication of Draft NRC √
The First part of the publication of the Draft NRC list was declared on 1st January 2018 at Nrcassam’s Official website www.nrcassam.nic.in . Now all the people from can Online Check Name in the Draft NRC list. http://www.partdraftnrcassam.in/ http://nrcdraft.in/NRCDraft/ http://draftnrcassam.net/ http://partdraftnrcassam.com/ http://partdraftnrcassam.net/ http://draftnrcassam.in/ http://nrcassamonline.net/ http://nrcassamonline.in/
Complete Publication of Draft NRC —
As per the Hon’ble Supreme Court’s Order dated 02/07/2018, the Complete Draft NRC has published on 30th July 2018. and there was 5 official way to check your name inclusion status in Complete Draft NRC.
Receipt & Disposal of Claim & Objection —
If anyone’s name is not there in the Final Draft List of NRC, individuals can claim for correction or inclusion their name with supported supporting documents as many of them were not able to collect proper data for the inclusion in NRC list.
Publication of Final NRC —
The Final NRC Result will be published on 31st August 2019 on NRC website www.nrcassam.nic.in (read  more)


How to Check Your Name in Final NRC?

After the long process, Finally, NRC Final Result going to be released on 31st August 2019. All the NRC Applicant can check their NRC name inclusion status on 31st August 2019. If you looking to check your Name inclusion status then you are landed at the perfect place. Here we going to share Step by step Guide to Check / Download Final NRC Result 2021.

Final NRC Result
Final NRC Result

The Links will be available on NRC website from 31st August 2019 titled “Supplementary list of inclusions/ Exclusions status (Final NRC)” (Read more)

Additional Draft NRC Assam Online Check

In this Context, Please note that the additional Draft Exclusive list will not contain the result of hearings for Claims and Objections held during the period 15th February 2019 to 26th June 2019. The Results of those Hearings will be published only in the Final NRC to be Published on 31st July 2019. This Additional Draft Exclusive list will contain names only of those persons who figured in the Complete Draft NRC published on 30th July 2018 but are subsequently found ineligible

Additional Draft NRC List

(Check Additional Draft NRC)

www.nrcassam.nic.in – Check Status Online NRC Assam Result

People can check their names in Draft NRC list with the help of their Application Receipt Number (ARN) number, visiting you nearest Sebakendras and officials websites www.nrcassam.nic.in , www.assam.mygov.in, www.assam.gov.in and www.homeandpolitical.assam.gov.in. Additionally, Nrc Assam also setup Toll free Helpline number  0373-2312940.

Complete Draft NRC Assam

(Check Complete Draft NRC)

Complete Draft NRC list 2018 | www.nrcassam.nic.in

As per Hon’ble Supreme Court’s Order dated 02/07/2018, the Complete Draft NRC will be published on 30th July 2018. You can visit NRC Assam Official website www.nrcassam.nic.in for more update.

This is Only Draft NRC, not the final NRC

If name not included in Draft – You will get another opportunity for inclusion in NRC by submission of claim. Full opportunity will be given to each and every person to file a claim for inclusion in the Final NRC.

Complete Draft NRC Assam

What if an applicant’s name is not included in the complete Draft NRC?

  • The Complete Draft NRC consisting of name of all applicants who are found eligible after due verification will be published shortly as per timeline stipulated by the Hon’ble Supreme Court.
  • The process of Claim & objection will commence after the publication of the Complete Draft NRC
  • The final NRC will be published only after the disposal of all claims and objections
  • The applicant who does not find their name in the Complete Draft NRC will get another opportunity by way of submitting of claim for inclusion in the Final NRC
  • Opportunity will also be given to file objections against the inclusion of any ineligible person

NrcassamComplaints – Register NRC Suggestion & Complaint Online

NrcassamComplaints Official NRC Assam has launched a website to for all people form who have Query, Suggestion & Complaint regarding NRC. National Register of Citizens cannot attend to individual queries regarding ‘STATUS OF NAME IN PART DRAFT NRC” and grievances etc. Now you can submit your Suggestions and Complain Online @ NRCassam’s Official website

NRC Assam Hearing Status Check Online @ www.nrcasssamhearing.in

If your name doesn’t include in the first draft due to the un-verified document, tree form of the family member or mismatched of some document. Now you can check Online at NRC Assam Official website www.nrcassamhearing.in (Read More)

Basically, there are four types of Hearing Process

  1. Family Tree
  2. Gaon Panchayat
  3. Lot Mandal
  4. Circle Officer.

This facility of the 21 digit ARN based search will enable you to know whether your ARN is to be verified for Family Tree Hearing or Gaon Panchayat/Lot Mandal/Circle Officer Certificate Hearing. If any member of your ARN requires to be verified for either Family Tree Hearing or Gaon Panchayat/Lot Mandal /Circle Officer Hearing, it will be shown against their names within this facility. Further all the details regarding the hearing that includes – Date, Time and Venue are also made available in this facility.

NRC Assam Result Online Check Websites 

Check Your name in Part Draft NRC Online

  • www.nrcassam.nic.in
  • www.nrcassamonline.net
  • www.assam.mygov.in
  • www.assam.gov.in
  • www.horneandpolitical.assam.gov.in

demand SMS | Check NRC Draft List by Sending SMS

Through on demand SMS about inclusion of your name in part draft

You can send an SMS to 9765556555 after the expiry of midnight of 31 December 2017 in the format ARN space ARN to get information on the inclusion of your name in Part Draft.

For example  If your & ARN is 101856721980000087961, then type ARN 101856721980000087961 and send it to 9765556555.

You will receive an SMS in reply about inclusion of your name in Part Draft

ARN Base Search in Part Draft NRC Assam Net

Step -1 : Log on to NRC Assam Official website (Mention below)

Step -2 : Now Enter Application Receipt Number and Captcha  Code

How to Check NRC List

Step -3 : Click on Search. Your name will appear here

NRC Toll Free Helpline Number

Call 24×7 Toll Free Helpline Nos. 15107 (from Assam) and 18003453762 (from outside Assam) to know about your name in Draft NRC.

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