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Government of Assam, Office of the State Coordinator of National Registration (NRC), Assam has declare first part publication of Draft NRC list on Monday 1st January 2018. NRC Assam has announce 5 Official way to Check your Name in Draft NRC list of Assam, for more details please visit Nrcassam official site http://nrcassam.nic.in/ . Now you can Download Assam Draft NRC Online. So that people can make changes if any wrong details would come into the NRC.


New Update – llink to check status in Part Draft NRC LIVE again. You can visit the following link to check your status in the Part Draft – http://nrcdraft.in/NRCDraft/Draft.htm

We would like to inform you that online links to check your inclusion of name in the Part Draft NRC which is available in NRC Official website – www.nrcassam.nic.in will be disabled from 5th February 2018. Kindly pass along the message to your friends and family.


As you all know Indian Supreme Court directs to publish draft NRC Assam by December 31. Now nrc assam has Officially declare on there Twitter and Facebook Account. Draft NRC has publish on 1st January 2018 and You can check your name in Part Draft NRC Assam from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM on 1st Jan, 2018 and 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM from 2nd January, 2018 till 31st January, 2018 on all working days.

NRC Assam Contents

NRC Assam Time Schedule —

⊂ Legacy Data Publication  √ Complete

The publication of Legacy Data was started in the month of February 2015. It was published on the official site of NRC which is www.nrcassam.nic.in . In that very website, you can find the Legacy data of the people of Assam.

⊂ Application from Distribution Schedule  √ Complete

In May 2015 door to door distribution of Application Form was started. Each and every household received their application form without any effort, Which made the reception of Application form so easily.

⊂ Application from Receipt Schedule  √ Complete

individuals were able to submit their application form online if they wished to. That means people with internet facility was able to avoid queues in the submission centers. On the other hand, there was an offline process of submission of NRC Application from. In this choice, people have to fill the application form and provide all the supporting documents and submit it to the nearest reception center.

⊂ Verification Process — Ongoing 

The main process which took the large time throughout the NRC Publication process was the Verification Process. In this process, each and every individual were neatly verified by the officials and for those people who have submitted their NRC Application Form incompletely was offered a 2nd chance to provide them to clear the process. The verification process took almost 3 years to complete.

⊂ Part Publication of Draft NRC is Now Active — Ongoing 

First part publication of Draft NRC list has declare on 1st January 2018 at Nrcassam Official website www.nrcassam.nic.in . Now all the people from can Online Check Name in Draft NRC list.

  • http://www.partdraftnrcassam.in/
  • http://nrcdraft.in/NRCDraft/
  • http://draftnrcassam.net/
  • http://partdraftnrcassam.com/
  • http://partdraftnrcassam.net/
  • http://draftnrcassam.in/
  • http://nrcassamonline.net/
  • http://nrcassamonline.in/

⊂ Complete Publication of Draft NRC —
Upcoming …

It just a part of Draft NRC list Assam. Another Draft NRC shall be published subsequently after completion of verification of the rest of the applicants, which shall be the complete publication of Draft NRC Assam . Date of complete publication of Draft NRC will be notified Separately.

⊂ Receipt & Disposal of Claim & Objection — 
Upcoming …

If anyone’s name is not there in the Final Draft List of NRC, individuals can claim for correction or inclusion their name with supported supporting documents as many of them were not able to collect proper data for the inclusion in NRC list. This process will be started after the completion of Publication of Draft NRC List

⊂ Publication of Final NRC —
Upcoming …

After Successfully Completing all above steps successfully, the final result of NRC Assam will declare

Check / Search Draft NRC List Assam → www.nrcassam.nic.in

People can check their names in Draft NRC list with the help of their Application Receipt Number (ARN) number, visiting you nearest Sebakendras and officials websites www.nrcassam.nic.in , www.assam.mygov.in, www.assam.gov.in and www.homeandpolitical.assam.gov.in. Additionally, Nrc Assam also setup Toll free Helpline number  0373-2312940.

In case your name did not appear in the Part Draft NRC list, please do not panic. This is only a Partial Draft. That is why it is called Part Draft NRC. Please do not presume that your Application form is rejected. Your verification is still in progress and your name shall be included in the Complete Draft NRC, if found eligible.

If your result is showing as ARN IS PENDING FOR VERIFICATION or Member ID 1,2,3 INCLUDED. MEMBER ID 4, 5 PENDING FOR VERIFICATION, this only means that verification for these Member IDs is currently under progress. And once the verification is complete, if found eligible, the names of these members shall be included in the Complete Draft NRC.

5 Way to Check Draft NRC Assam Final Result list 2018 –

As I mention earlier there are 5 official way to check your name in Draft NRC list 2017-18 which are listed below

  • Check your name in Part Draft NRC in Printed Copies at your respective NRCSebaKendras
  • Check Your name in Part Draft NRC Online
  • Through automatic receipt of SMS about inclusion of your name in part draft
  • Through on demand SMS about inclusion of your name in part draft
  • NRC Assam Toll Free Helpline No. Draft NRC list

Visit here to know more


Please Note –

1] Applicants of Guwahati City will need to refer to the Ward numbers as per the earlier demarcation of 60 wards.

2] Applicants who have activated DO NOT DISTURB (CMG) in their phone numbers will not receive any response.

3] They can pre-register using any other number which does not have DND registration. Draft NRC Assam



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